Bill 23 Municipal Tracking Spreadsheet

In 2022, the Province passed Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, which brought sweeping changes to the funding structure for development charges and community benefit charges. The municipal sector’s chief concern was that the legislation would create an imbalance between the cost of development and the revenue received from development charges and community benefit charges. In response, the Province committed to “making municipalities whole” for any losses related to Bill 23.

A top question for municipal finance professionals is how to quantify the changes to DC and CBC revenue since the introduction of Bill 23. MFOA has enlisted Hemson Consulting Ltd. to develop a spreadsheet for municipalities to uniformly track the changes to DC and CBC revenue. MFOA municipal members can access the tool and tutorial for free. In return, MFOA will reach out to participating municipalities every quarter to request the data for advocacy purposes. Sharing data with MFOA is voluntary, but will be important to our work to advocate for funding for growth-related infrastructure.

To access the spreadsheet and tutorial, please email Christine Duong ( Please note, our live tutorial of the spreadsheet is on November 15, 2023. Our recording of the tutorial may take a few days to complete. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


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