Legislative Updates

Here is the full list of legislative updates we are currently tracking.

561.RecentlyEnacted8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 2, Plan to Build Act (Budget Measures), 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-2Received Royal Assent on September 8, 2022The bill amends a number of Acts in relation to the 2022 Ontario budget.
571.RecentlyEnacted8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-3Received Royal Assent on September 8, 2022The Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, amends the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and the Municipal Act, 2001. If passed, the Act would provides the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa new tools to advance provincial priorities. The Act, if passed, would come into effect on November 15, 2022.
601.RecentlyEnacted8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 7, More Beds, Better Care Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-7Received Royal Assent on August 31, 2022The Bill amends the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, 2021 to add a new provision for patients who occupy a bed in a public hospital and are designated by an attending clinician as requiring an alternate level of care.
582.CurrentBills8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 4, Stay Home If You Are Sick Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-4First reading carried on August 10, 2022The Bill amends the Employment Standards Act, 2000 to entitle employees with greater sick leave and paid leave.
592.CurrentBills8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMBill 5, Stopping Harassment and Abuse by Local Leaders Act, 2022https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-43/session-1/bill-5First reading carried on August 10, 2022The Bill amends the Municipal Act, 2001 and the City of Toronto Act, 2006 to require the code of conduct for municipal councillors and members of local boards to include a requirement for those councillors and members to comply with workplace violence and harassment policies.
614.RegConClosed8/29/2022 12:00:00 AMDevelopment of a Clean Energy Credit Registryhttps://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-5816Comments closed on September 16, 2022The Ministry of Energy is seeking input on a proposal to introduce a clean energy credit (CEC) registry and associated processes to support the creation, recognition, tracking and retirement of voluntarily purchased CECs within the province.

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