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The Municipal Finance Officers' Association of Ontario (MFOA), established in 1989, is the professional association of municipal finance officers with more than 5,400 individual members. We represent individuals who are responsible for handling the financial affairs of municipalities and who are key advisors to councils on matters of finance policy.

MFOA promotes the interests of our members in carrying out their statutory and other financial responsibilities through advocacy, information sharing, networking opportunities, and through the promotion of fiscal sustainability. We also provide members with training and education to enable continuous professional development and to support excellence in municipal finance.

The past, present and future of MFOA

Are you curious about the evolution of MFOA’s training programs, why MFOA’s policy work looks the way it does or care to stroll down memory lane? Then you should read all about the past, present and future of MFOA! Staff have compiled the Association’s history through minutes of historical Board meetings and summarized them into a dynamic PowerPoint presentation. It reviews our work, our priority municipal finance issues and organizational changes from 1982 to present that define the mature Association. 

Disclaimer: The minutes of past Board meetings have been interpreted as accurately as possible. The past, present and future of MFOA is based on available historic documents with a few holes filled in through individual interviews. Because many of the key figures were not available for questioning, no full first hand explanation was possible in some areas.

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