Debt Service Charges Forecasting Tool

As part of the Municipal Debt Project, MFOA has developed a spreadsheet to help estimate future debt service charges of multiple serial and amortizer debentures. For any questions , please contact Damaris Lara (


Debt Service Charges Forecasting Tool Workshop - Free on Demand

In this online workshop, participants will get an overview of the terms and assumptions adopted to develop the debt service forecasting tool. They will also see a live demonstration of how to use the spreadsheet to generate the forecasts and interpret the results. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to pose questions about the spreadsheet. Free for members, click here to access the recording.

Debt Management Tip Sheet *New*

This tip sheet presents a number of considerations to assist municipalities in making long-term debt management decisions. Download our new tip sheet below (free for members!)

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Debt Management Tip Sheet
(Adobe PDF File)

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