Temporary Municipal Finance Professionals

A lack of full-time professional finance staff at a municipality can be a barrier to long-term financial planning and asset management. Temporary or part-time financial professionals can be a cost-effective solution to staffing shortages, as they are well-positioned to provide mentorship and support to full-time employees. The Temporary Municipal Finance Professionals (TEMPFI) program and portal link qualified financial professionals with municipalities that are willing to spend resources to have access to a part-time treasurer for a few days a month. 

MFOA established the TEMPFI program to make the process of "matching" qualified professional staff with municipalities easier for both parties. The professional financial applicants may be current consultants, part-time employees, or recent retirees. With their expertise, the professional financial staff can provide required assistance to the municipality.

Applicants will complete a questionnaire outlining their competencies and experience, while municipalities ("employers") will likewise configure a search outlining their desired competencies and experience. The TEMPFI database uses both parties' information to generate a score, which is used to determine if an applicant's qualifications match the requirements of the municipality, and vice versa. Once matched, the municipality can contact the applicant and proceed on their own accord. The participating municipality is required to compensate the financial staff, should they enter into an employment arrangement. 


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