MFOA's Submission on the Proposed Prudent Investor Regulation

MFOA has submitted its response to the proposed amendments to O. Reg. 438/97, O. Reg. 84/16 and O. Reg. 653/05 under the Municipal Act, 2001. These proposed amendments set out the framework for select municipalities to invest using the prudent investor standard, which includes: eligibility criteria, governance framework; and joint investment arrangements. In addition, amendments are proposed to O. Reg. 84/16 and O. Reg. 653/05 concerning the list of eligible investments and bond forward agreements. 

For any questions regarding our submission, please contact Shira Babins (Manager of Policy) at or 416-362-9001 ext.227.


LAS The One Investment Program : "What Does Prudent Really Mean?" - Prudent investor may be new to municipal government, but the standard has been around for a long time. Learn more about what prudent investor status means. 

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