Asset Management Self-Assessment Tool and Maturity Framework

While most Ontario municipalities already have an asset management plan, many may be unsure of how to best use it or if it meets the needs of the municipality. To address this gap, in 2016, MFOA, in partnership with the Government of Ontario, launched the online Asset Management (AM) Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) and Maturity Framework with 93 pilot municipalities.  The SAT was created to help municipalities determine where they sit in the framework, which assesses a municipality’s level of maturity in all aspects of AM planning. 

The success of the 2016 SAT and Maturity Framework has evolved into an updated 2018 version. With MFOA’s 2018 updated SAT and Maturity Framework, municipalities can identify their current levels of maturity for each AM area and potential approaches for moving to higher levels of maturity over time. The updated SAT and Maturity Framework includes modified questions, improved functionality, and it is consistent with the requirements of O. Reg. 588/17 (under the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act). 

The SAT and Maturity Framework is available to all Ontario municipalities. Click here to visit the Asset Management Portal which includes the SAT and Maturity Framework.
This project was funded in part by the Government of Ontario.


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