Explore Your Issues and Interests

We are excited to encourage and support our members in taking the lead on issues that matter to them! There are a number of ways that you can explore issues using the resources and networks at your disposal as an MFOA member, including:
  • If you can scale the request, we can highlight the issue concisely and invite members to participate in our next e-Newsletter.
  • Once you have a group of interested, committed members, you can set up a taskforce, affiliated with (though independent from) MFOA, where members can coordinate strategies, share information and advocate together
  • In the Discussion Forums, there is also a specific thread where you can make a request for members to contribute particular materials to the Virtual Library, creating an online 'shelf' of resources.
  • You can contact the Senior Municipal Finance Advisors in your region; they may be able to provide further guidance.
  • Contact our Subject Matter Experts with your question and to network.
We look forward to supporting your interest – please tell us how you decide to proceed!

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