Accounting and Financial Reporting Committee

  • Intelligence Gathering: The committee will be an important source of information on emerging issues in accounting, financial reporting or legislation.
  • Policy/Comments: The committee will provide policy recommendations or comments on such things as PSAB exposure drafts for the consideration of MFOA’s Board of Directors
  • Training/Education: The committee will assist us in preparing and designing training materials related to financial reporting and accounting for our members.
  • Advocacy: The committee will develop positions to influence accounting standard setters or provincial ministries with respect to issues related to accounting and financial reporting.

  • Elicit policy opinions and issues from Committee members and non-Committee members
  • Identify a few core issues and develop solutions or remedies
  • To develop policies and positions to assist the membership
  • Disseminate information to non-Committee members about the Committee’s discussions and activities
  • To assist the MFOA in promoting the interests of its members on important and emerging accounting and financial reporting issues and representing those interests to the provincial government and other stakeholders

Committee Membership:
  • The committee will be comprised of a maximum of 12 people
  • Committee members should have responsibility for some aspect of accounting or financial reporting in their municipality.
  • In the interest of allowing other MFOA members to participate, Committee membership will be limited to a single term of two years.
  • A member cannot serve consecutive terms, but can be re-appointed following a hiatus of two years.
  • New Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors of MFOA from members who have expressed an interest in the work of the committee.
  • The Executive Director of MFOA is a member of the committee.

  • There will be at least four meetings per year of the committee.
  • The committee can meet more frequently if necessary.
  • Meetings will be via conference call or other electronic medium to encourage greater participation and reduce travel time and costs.

  • Shira Babins, MFOA, will chair the Committee.

  Cynthia Laprade
Township of Rideau Lakes

Patrick Kelly
Township of Wilmot

Eliza Mclaren
Region of York

Karyn Smithard-Costanzo
Region of Halton 

Shira Babins
Maja Kuzmanov
City of Brampton

Brock Priddle
Municipality of Chatham-Kent

Manel Daniel
City of Toronto

Brad Brookman
Municipality of North Grenville

Sandy Calandra
Region of Peel



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