MFOA's Technical Response to the Housing Supply Action Plan

In November 2018, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced a consultation on increasing housing supply in Ontario. The consultation document asked for input on a number of key issues, including questions surrounding the relationship between development charges and housing supply. 

Through a series of online forums with members and consultation with key stakeholders, MFOA has drafted a technical response that will be submitted on January 25, 2019. The following version is not the final version and is meant for MFOA members to review and discuss with colleagues and staff. MFOA does not anticipate making significant changes to the report between the initial publication and the final submission. 

MFOA's position on development charges is that:

  • Growth should pay for growth;
  • There should be no ineligible services under the DCA;
  • There should be no service “discounts”;
  • Service levels should be forward looking and not based on historic service averages;
  • There should be no new mandatory development charge exemptions.

For any questions about MFOA's technical response, please contact Shira Babins (

Additional Resources

IMFG Paper - Development Charges in Ontario: Is Growth Paying for Growth? By Adam Found

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