2019 Provincial Budget - Municipal Implications and MFOA's Analysis 

Thursday April 11th marks the release of the first budget of the Progressive Conservative government. With a new government, comes new priorities and new ways of doing business. To support members navigate through the changing landscape, MFOA is increasing the depth and breadth of its analysis for municipalities, along with engagement opportunities with members about the budget. This year, expect the following from us:

On April 11th, a summary of the municipal implications of the provincial budget sent to your inbox near 8pm and available on this webpage;
On April 23rd, a follow-up communication with a fuller analysis of the budget that will be available on this webpage; and
On April 25th, MFOA will host an online forum for members to discuss the implications of the provincial budget with one another. Sign up here.

Check back on this page for updates on MFOA's work on the 2019 Ontario budget.

MFOA's vision for Ontario's 2019 Budget is based on three principles

1. Strengthening Partnerships‚Äč: We encourage the Province to meaningfully consult with municipalities ahead of making any changes to the municipal governance structures and/or the municipal budgeting practices. We hope the Province continues to see the municipal sector and municipal governments as essential partners to achieve policy objectives and keep our communities healthy and vibrant.

2. Consideration for Unintended Consequences: We encourage the Province to take a holistic and long-term view of their actions and to take the time to consider the potential consequences of their proposals. Provincial legislation exists in an integrated system whereby a change addressing a single objective can ripple and significantly affect, sometimes counterproductively, other policy initiatives. 

3. Information Sharing: We encourage the Province to continue to build capacity at the provincial and municipal level. The promotion of information sharing supports the distribution of skills and knowledge between the orders of government in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way. Outcomes are better achieved when there is a two-way flow of information.

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